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    By signing below, you are agreeing that you will, from this point forward, receive your ASECU account statements through online banking. Frequency of E-Statements may vary depending on the type of account. E-Statements will be in the form of a pdf file. If you need assistance in getting the correct software to view your E-Statements, please contact your ASECU customer service representative. E-Statements are available free of charge in online banking.


    Protect your online information as E-Statements will contain confidential information. If you believe your online account has been compromised, please contact ASECU promptly. Documents received online contain important and legally binding information, please view them in a timely manner.

    No warranties/limitations of liability 

    ASECU cannot foresee or anticipate difficulties in receiving E-Statements. Therefore, ASECU makes no warranty that E-Statement deliveries will be uninterrupted or error free.


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