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Membership Accounts

The following fees and charges may be charged to your ASE account.

Item Fee
Membership Share $5.00 par value
NSF Fee $30.00 per item
Returned Deposit Item Fee $20.00 per item
Copy of Cleared Check $2.00 per copy after the first 5 (First 5 copies are free)
Stop Payment Order $30.00 per item
Overdraft from Share Account $2.00 per item
Overdraft from Loan Account $2.00 per item
Starter Checks $5.00 per page (New Account is Free)
ATM Withdrawal Fee No Charge for ASE ATMs and CO-OP Shared Branching ATMs
Visa Check Card $5.00 after the first free card
Personalized Visa Check Card $19.00 including first card issued

Other Fees

Item Fee
Statement Copy $2.00 after the first statement
Wire Transfer Outgoing & Incoming $20.00 per wire
International Wire $45.00 per wire
Official Checks $2.00 per check (1 free check per month)
Visa Gift Card $3.95 per card
History Print Out $1.00 per page after the 5th page(first 5 pages are free)
Research Fee $25.00 per hour plus $0.50 per copy
Courtesy Copies $0.20 per copy after the 5th page (First 5 pages are free)
Regulation "D" Fee $2.00 per transaction after first 6 (Six transactions allowed per month)
Garnishment/Tax Levy Processing Fee $50.00
Dormant Account Fee $5.00 per month
Bad Address $5.00 per month

Business Account Fees

Item Fee
Transaction Fee $10.00 per month after 100 transactions (first 100 transactions per month are free)
Transaction Fee $20.00 per month after 200 transactions

Safe Deposit Box Fees (sizes vary by branch)

Item Fee
3x5x18 $20.00 per year
2x10x18 $25.00 per year
3x10x18 $30.00 per year
5x10x18 $40.00 per year
10x10x18 $70.00 per year
Key Replacement $25.00 per key
Drilling of Box Prices Vary

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